Facebook users prefer to connect with small businesses via Facebook Messenger


Recently I attended a Facebook Community Boost event in which Facebook released their “Connecting Benefits” report. The report explores the impact that the platform has made socially and economically to small and medium businesses (SMB’s) across Australia.

The number one key finding that directly affects real estate agents is this stat:


“Nearly 60 percent of Facebook users are using Facebook Messenger to contact businesses rather than through email or phone calls”


How I became a Facebook statistic

I’m going to put my hand up here and disclose that recently I became a statistic. In my local area, we have an amazing hot chook shop that sells chickens and their famous crispy, golden potatoes. Recently the hot chook shop got taken over by some new owners. They’re a younger family who have really embraced social media and post regularly about their menu and specials on Facebook.

On State of Origin night, I thought the Queenslander thing to do would be to pick up a hot chook for dinner. I went to their Facebook page and found their menu within seconds. Knowing that it would be a super busy night, I decided to pre-order. On their page, I saw that there were two call to action buttons:  “call now” or “send message”. With two very active young boys at home with me that day, I decided to use the “message now” button. Although they weren’t even open yet, the chook shop wrote back instantly and confirmed my order. It was easy, quick and convenient.

The beauty of Facebook Messenger

It wouldn’t have mattered if I were on the market for a hot chook or in need of a real estate agent, the same thought process would still apply. Sure, I might have picked up the phone and ordered the chicken eventually when the kids had a nap (unlikely). But I also might have forgotten all about it (very likely). Then I would have left it too late to order leaving me with no options but to pick up dinner somewhere else (extremely likely). That’s the beauty of Facebook Messenger, it catches the client in the heat of the moment.

If you’re a real estate agent and you’re not set up with a Facebook page with Facebook Messenger call to action buttons, you are missing out on potential contact with clients. It’s like you’re stuck in the year 2000 and Jan’s forgotten to put the business ad in the Yellow Pages and that boss lady is really not happy with Jan. Without a digital footprint, you’ll not only be difficult to find and connect with, but dozens of other agents in your area are already communicating directly with clients on this platform, giving them an edge.

Other interesting key findings

Other key findings from this report that were interesting:

  • There is an increase in an older demographic using Facebook
  • Facebook groups have exploded with 83% of Facebook users now belonging to at least one Facebook group
  • The AMBER alert tool that is activated when a child goes missing has been used 5 times since it’s launch in June 2017
  • The coining of the term “born global” as Facebook businesses are able to export overseas in an instant, negating the need for a traditional website. A risky strategy, but that’s a topic for another day.

If you’d like to read the entire report, you can download a copy here:


Also, if you need help with setting up social media platforms, or you need some assistance with ongoing real estate social media management, I can help. You can view my full range of Virtual Assistant services here.


Don’t be like Jan!


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