Why use a real estate va?

Equipped with real-world experience that can only be obtained from working within the industry, I have an in-depth understanding of the dynamic nature of Australia’s real estate landscape.

Only a real estate virtual assistant can appreciate:

  • How unprofessional it looks sending a poorly worded email or a Facebook update that is riddled with mistakes
  • Failure to update a database with accurate details could cost you a sale
  • Working in the real estate industry is a 24 hour / 7 day a week gig – timeframes are critical!

That’s why it’s so important to choose a specialised real estate VA who understands the nature of the beast that is the wonderful and exciting world of real estate.

No two days are the same. That’s why I love it, it’s never boring!

Let me help you free up your time so you can get back to listing and selling. It’s what you do best.

I have many clients who I work for remotely Australia wide.

Prices are $35+GST an hour. Please get in contact at to discuss your needs and requirements.

What I Can Do For You

Social Media Management

Email clean up

Data entry

Organise office functions, events & promotions

Social Media management

Over 60% of Facebook users would prefer to contact a business online. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a business Facebook page as part of your marketing strategy. Think of it as a modern-day yellow pages. It’s time-consuming to maintain but well worth the return on investment. My clients love that they can flip me an email, or text me a photo of them out and about which I will schedule in on their behalf.

Email clean up

Inundated with buyer enquiry, spam and reminders about your next dental appointment? With emails flying at you left right and centre, I recommend an email clean up every 6 months. (Book it in when you get your next dental reminder!) Archiving your emails or placing them into appropriate folders will make your life more efficient.

Data entry

Data entry is possibly one of the most time-consuming jobs an agent has to suffer through! So why not outsource it to free up your time. I can add your posting listing presentation notes to your database, schedule appointments in your calendar and add buyer information to your systems.

Organise office functions, events and promotions

Give the receptionist a break this year. Let me take care of your Christmas party! I have years of experience organising events and catering on behalf of VIP’s. I can take the stress out of your special event, auction night or promotion whilst keeping within a budget set by you.

Prices for VA services start from $35+GST per hour.

Please get in contact at to discuss your needs and requirements.

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