Property videos are a fabulous way to showcase a home, but they are also a brilliant marketing tool for real estate agents – if done properly. Real estate videos can be as simple as chucking a few stills together with a voice over and some snazzy music. Or, some agents like to create a massive production worthy of a Golden Globe nomination that will give the latest blockbuster a run for its money.

However you choose to present your property for sale on video,  writing a killer real estate video script is one of the most important ingredients in producing quality and engaging content. Here are 3 tips to help you nail your property video script and stand out from the crowd – aaannndd ACTION!

property video

1. Come up with a plan

If you’re going to be presenting in the video, don’t leave it until the day of filming to work out what you’re going to say. Not only will you annoy the videographer with multiple outtakes, but the final result may not meet the needs of the home. Carefully consider the property and choose 2-3 key highlights and come up with a basic plan of how you want the video to flow. For example, a basic walk-through style video might look like this:

Intro – Agent introduces themselves and the property

Middle  – Tour of the property highlighting 3-5 key features (voiceover)

Outro – Final points and call to action

Other things to consider when planning your video include:

  • The time of day
  • The noise factor
  • Are you using a drone?
  • Access to the property
  • Props, staging, makeup and outfits etc.

real estate video drone

2. Time constraints

Once you’ve established a basic plan you’ll find it easier to write a video script. But before you do, how much time do you have? Most videographers offer packages of either 60 seconds/90 seconds which sounds like a lot of time, but in reality, this is very quick. This is why it’s important to create your own tailored video script and not read off the listing description.

Another thing to consider is the speed at which you talk. You will need to speak slower than what feels normal.

You also need to account for any intro/contact detail slides at the beginning and end. For a 60 second video, aim to write 200 words. Then practice this out loud while timing yourself to make sure it fits within the timeframes.

3. Inject some personality

This is a chance for you to show potential clients who you are and create a point of difference. Avoid using words you don’t normally use in everyday language or it won’t come across as natural. Be yourself. If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re smooth player, keep it professional. But don’t try and be funny if you’re not, or it will just be…well…awkward.

awkward real estate moments

Above all else, practice, practice, practice! You need to know this script confidently off by heart. For some this may come naturally, for others it may be a work in progress. Annnnd CUT!

Struggling to put together a video script? We can help, contact us here.

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