My husband and I receive a lot of unsolicited real estate advertising in our letterbox, most of it from agencies surrounding our investment property on the other side of town. But what spurred me to write this month’s blog is a real estate brochure I received earlier this month. It was from a rental agency trying to pinch the business. Fair game, I get it. The only problem was, they failed to include their address. For all I knew their office was in Timbuktu. The letter was also written in bold red which gave off a real “ragey” vibe and there were lots of words. Lots of words telling me how awesome they were at property management, without actually demonstrating how.

So, this terrible brochure got me thinking, what makes a good brochure? How could this brochure have been improved? What makes a brochure so good that I just want to fire my current property manager of 10 years, ring you up and engage your services? For me, a brochure should have two elements. An appealing design and quality content.

Design and content go hand in hand when it comes to nailing your marketing material. A flawless design may initially engage the reader, but they’ll soon scrunch it up and bin it if the content is useless or boring. Vice versa, if the design is messy and hard to read, the potential client probably won’t bother reading the fabulous content you’ve just provided them. #shame

So with this in mind, here are some handy tips you can apply when designing your next mail-out campaign.

Design and Layout

  • Font: Make sure the font is legible and avoid using glaring colours. Red screams angry!
  • Less is more: Keep sentences short and to the point.
  • Images: Images are engaging and eye-catching. They also break up chunks of text for an easier reading experience.
  • Design: Are you still using a word template from 2007? There are plenty of tools you can use to add a creative edge to your brochure. Try Canva, it’s easy to use and free.
  • Use quality paper: Like toilet paper, the thicker the better. Nothing looks cheaper than a wad of flimsy 80gsm paper. Go for premium quality paper or consider using a professional printing service.
  • Print in colour: Unless you’re a budget agency, print in colour, always.
  • Contact details: If you want potential clients to contact you – include your details!


real estate advertising

Make sure your marketing stands out with effective design


The key to creating killer content is to ensure the material adds value to the reader. No one wants to read another flyer about how awesome you are, how many properties you’ve sold and why you are number one. Think about what information a resident in that suburb wants to know? What information would they find interesting and helpful? What keeps them up at night? Help solve their problems and you’ll find they look forward to receiving your next piece of marketing material. Don’t forget to include a CTA (call to action) at the end of the piece. Encourage them to call or email by offering an exclusive deal or promotion.

real estate content creation

When it comes to content creation – think outside the box


As mentioned, there are loads of free programs and tools you can use to format your mail-outs, but for a professional look, engage a reputable graphic designer and/or copywriter to design the brochure for you.

For other admin and copywriting tips and tricks, check out my blog here.

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