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“For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fascination with houses.”

When we were kids, our parents would drag us across town to various family events. On the way home, my brother, sister and I would try to stay awake as we drove home late at night, crammed into the back of Dad’s Toyota Camry. I vividly recall looking out the window, gazing into people’s houses. At that time of night, they’d be lit up like Christmas trees allowing me to see the homes in all their glory. I was always curious to see inside and wondered why each family had chosen to live there.

As an adult, I realised this is called, “having a stickybeak.” It’s not only creepy, but it’s also borderline illegal! I never grew out of being nosy and my interest in property remained. Although I spent 10 years in the Air Force as a flight attendant, once I got the travel bug out of the way, I settled into a career as a real estate agent for nearly 4 years.

But then, kids. And although I loved working in sales, being mum to two little boys was hectic enough without all the dramas of constant building and pest collapses, late-night buyer phone calls and working all weekend.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing and was surprised that many agents HATED it.”

They didn’t feel like they could write as confidently as they spoke. Or they were just too busy to put in the time. Other agents started to pay me to write their property descriptions just to avoid doing them. Write My Ad started there. I resigned from my sales position and threw myself into my business as a freelance real estate copywriter. And I haven’t looked back.

Now, I have a thriving business that fits my family’s needs – and the best part is, I get to sit at home in my PJs eating Kit Kats, looking at pictures of pretty houses every day. Every house has a story. Who would’ve thought one day I’d get paid to stickybeak?


“Every house tells a story”
Natasha D’Arcy
Natasha D'Arcy, Director Write My Ad


I write property descriptions that make the most of a property’s selling points. It’s a bit like matchmaking – but between people and houses. Because when buyers are seeking property, what they’re really seeking is compatibility: for their lifestyle, needs, family structure and location. Each description is individually crafted and tailored to the home, and my sticky-beaking skills along with my past industry experiences are put to good use. I thoroughly research the surrounding areas to ensure the highlights are captured. And with a 24 hour or 48 hour package – there’s an affordable service to suit your needs and timeframes.

I’ve also helped agents by writing their biographies, brochures, sales letters and blogs.


As Write my Ad has evolved, I’ve extended my offerings to include real estate Virtual Assistant (VA) services too. Whether it’s data entry, social media management or content creation, I can take those mundane tasks off your hands freeing up your time. With affordable hourly rates and no lock-in packages, it’s a smart investment on your part. You could even say it’s… as safe as houses!

What my customers are saying about Write My Ad

Natasha is always a pleasure to work with. She writes great ads with a quick turnaround. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Natasha.

Alex Struss

- Burton and Ryan Property Agents

I have used Write my Ad for some time now. Natasha has an excellent talent for creating fresh and unique property descriptions each and every time. Her efficiency, professionalism, and dedication to her product delivery are 10/10. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone! Thank you Write My Ad.

Mikayla Haberley

- Dignam Real Estate

I recently met with Natasha and have had her do some projects for me. I could not be happier with her work – highly recommend.

Nicole Polley

- Polley’s Realty and Consulting


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