We’ve had an epic spring selling season and as we kick off December, I know many real estate agents start to unwind and are looking forward to a much-needed break. A reduction in listings as we edge towards Christmas provides a busy agent with a rare chance to catch up on some admin. Because before we know it, it will be time to jump back on the roller coaster ride that is real estate before we crack on with 2019.

Real estate agents can make the most of this lull in activity by prepping for next year. Here are 4 things you can do over the quiet period so you can hit the ground running in the new year.

1.Clean out your inbox

The poor old inbox is often neglected, so give it some lovin’ and clean it out. Start by creating folders for each property and file emails into their relevant folders. I also find searching by sender a great way to batch and delete. And sorting by file size will allow you to delete those emails with huge attachments. It’s so satisfying to delete 5 billion gigs of email from your inbox – I swear it makes you feel so much lighter!

2. Batch your socials

Get a head start on your social media campaigns for next year. There are plenty of free social media planners and schedulers out there you can use. Try ‘Buffer‘ or ‘Hootsuite.’ Or, if you’re too busy, outsource it to a virtual assistant to schedule and plan for you.

And don’t forget your phone! By the end of the year you will no doubt have loads of photos of happy buyers, sellers, sold stickers getting slapped on etc. on your camera reel. That’s all content that will make fabulous social media posts. If you get stuck for ideas, have a scroll through your phone for inspiration.

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3. Plan your blogs

I often get asked how often an agent or agency should write a blog. And my best advice is produce quality over quantity. If you only have time to produce one good blog a month, then once a month is better than trying to whip up 4 really crappy blogs each week. Use this quiet period to write a few blogs so you have them up your sleeve and ready to publish when required.

4. Clean up the database

Is your desk/car covered in post-it notes with random mobile numbers on it? Got a whole bunch of return to senders from your Christmas card mail out? Now is the perfect time to clean up your database. Enter all the loose notes you’ve scribbled on serviettes and delete contacts that are no longer valid. If you’re still using a paper-based buyer register (WTF it’s 2018- have you not heard of Homepass?) but if you are, enter all buyer details into your database. A clean and tight database will reduce the amount of time and money wasted on missed or dead leads.

Real estate agent christmas


Above all else, enjoy some much-needed time out with the family. Indulge in a few beers, eat excessive amounts of prawns and just chill. Whatever your plans for 2019 include, being organised and prepared in advance will set you off to a cracking start.

I’d like to thank all my valued clients for your continued support this year. You mean the world to me. Since the launch of Write My Ad in July, we are growing every month. As a working mum of 2 boys, I’ve also achieved greater work/life balance. I look forward to working with you in the New Year and as always, am here to help lighten the load by taking care of your real estate copy and admin needs.


If you need a hand with any real estate copy or admin – feel free to get in touch here.

real estate agent christmas

5. Embarrass yourself publicly by wearing a Santa hat…#Christmasspirit


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